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Budapest is rich with natural hot springs so that during the turkey period, many thermal baths were built as well as baths as well as for medicinal purposes. In 1934 budapest earned the nickname as a city of spas. At about 9:30 my train arrived at the Budapest Kleti train station, I rushed out of the station to find the underground station to the hotel where I was staying. I can not imagine being in one of the countries in eastern europe given the many unpleasant news about the countries in the region.

When getting out of the station, the look of the city is much different than I imagined to be the cities in other European countries I've been to. Some parts of the station building itself are under repair, as are the road conditions outside stations that are on road repair. Many taxi drivers offer taxi services, but I keep walking straight forward hoping to find the stairs to the underground station, which is not far away. Using the metro to the station where my hotel is located, which is only two stops away from Kleti station. After putting the suitcase in the hotel room, I decided to have breakfast first, given my travel schedule in Budapest today would be very crowded. Not far from the hotel where I stay, there is a cafe that serves breakfast, it turns out the cafe name is very indonesian, Bali Cafe. After breakfast finished, my journey began to explore the city of Budapest.

Today's weather is quite cold, about -4 degrees centigrade, though it's already in April, but seasonal signs have not yet arrived. The first thing I want to do is find the location of tourist information center, to buy Budapest Card. With this card, we no longer need to pay admission to some tourist attraction, including transportation from bus, tram or metro are all free with budapest Card. Buda Castle District is the main purpose of the trip on the first day, after buying the Budapest card, by bus from downtown Pest directly to the hill of buda. In the palace complex there are several famous attractions, including royal palace, Trinity Square, Fishermen's Bastion, the Labyrinth and Mathias Church. Once set foot in front of royal palace, we feel brought to the journey to the past, because this is where the historic old city budapest located while enjoying and admiring the beautiful panorama budapest 360 degrees clearly visible from above this. No words can express my admiration at the beauty of budapest city, I can only sigh while not stop taking photo Budapest scenery

Satisfied to enjoy the beauty in front of the palace, I began to wonder what kind of interior of the royal palace which now has turned into budapest history museum, hungarian national gallery and hungarian national library which each occupy different sides. This is where we can know the history of budapest city and enjoy the artwork produced by the artists of hungarian origin. the time required to surround all parts of the palace is also not short, but this is certainly not to be missed. Walking towards the trinity square, there are several historic buildings and monuments. The scenery around here is equally amazing to me, because we really can feel the atmosphere of an old city. Here stands the old town hall of buda, which has been dormant since buda, Pest and Óbuda united, has a wine cellar in its basement. In the center of the square, there is a baroque-style trinity statue built to commemorate the epidemic victims of the plague 1691. While on the right side of the square is dominated by the mathias church (Mathias Church), surrounded by towers of fishermen's bastion.

The mathias church itself is over 700 years old and has been the site of several coronations, including from Charles iv in 1916, the last Habsburg monarch. In addition, two marriages of king Matthias of hungarian also took place here. During the conquest of turkey, this church once changed its function into a mosque with white painted walls and carpeted floors. After the period of turbulent rule ended, In the 17th century, there was an attempt to restore the church in a baroque style. Toward the end of the 19th century, massive repairs were made, as did the roof covered with the famous Zsolnay ceramic tile, making the building even more beautiful. Today, Mathias Church remains one of the city's most prominent buildings. Not far from the church mathias, there is a tower fishermen's bastion is very popular for visitors because it offers panoramic views of all budapest city that is not less beautiful than the panorama that I see from the front of the Royal Palace. From its architectural design, the staircase and tower designs that characterize the turn of the century, are a mixture of neo-gothic and neo-roman-esque styles. Built between the years 1895-1902 by the hungarian architect frigyes schulek, by utilizing the remaining stones from the walls of the old castle.

My stomach began to feel hungry, I planned to return to the city center and find a place to eat there rather than in this palace complex. While walking to the bus stop, still around the trinity square, there is a shop crowded by queues of visitors and the smell of cinnamon that smelled inviting taste. I was curious and approached, it turns out the shop sells cakes that are quite unique in shape, like a spiral and a little long. The food is a typical hungarian snack (hungarian sweet pastry), kürtőskalács or also called chimney cake.

Seeing the price is not expensive, about 1 euro, I bought it and there is a wide selection of flavors from vanilla, almond, cinnamon. it tastes pretty good, similar to cinnamon roll like the one in mall in Jakarta. Enough to cover my temporary hunger. Not far from the snack shop, there is also a shop that sells typical Hungarian souvenirs, one of which is a traditional shirt doll with a typical Hungarian border decoration. For one beautiful doll that size is not too large, sold at a price of about 30 euros. Quite expensive in my opinion, but there is no harm in buying as souvenirs.

I finally took the bus to get back to the city center, this time I decided to get off at a bus stop not far from the Chain bridge to take a close look and take a photo on the bridge which is a symbolic building for this budapest. This bridge is the first stone bridge connecting between buda and Pest. The construction of this bridge was proposed by Count istván széchenyi, which was then designed by an English engineer, William Clark William and was inaugurated on November 20, 1849. From here, walk down the bridge while looking at the map in my hand, then I decided to see the hungarian parliament building by tram, from a station not far from the bridge.

This magnificent gothic-style building with intricate details is still used today as a government office of a hungarian country, so to be able to enter the grandeur of its interior we have to buy tickets and provided guided tour which is divided into several language groups. Unfortunately when I was there, it was late afternoon and the time of visit was up, so it can only enjoy the grandeur from the outside only. It was late afternoon, but there is still one more goal I should look at today, "holy right hand" in one of the largest churches in budapest, st. stephen basilica whose architecture is neo-classic style. If you have ever heard a story about the history of the first hungarian king, st stepheni who has been instrumental in spreading the Christian religion in the country and his right hand is considered sacred, until finally made mummy and kept in this church.

Arriving at the church, again when visiting to see the right hand of the sacred is also out, I finally just be satisfied to take photos of the grandeur of the church's interior with the camera. Historically, it took about 50 years to build this church. The first day around Budapest city was tiring, and I ended up having dinner at a restaurant serving typical Hungarian food, located not far from the church before returning to the hotel.

After breakfast and still quite early morning, I decided to go back to st. stephen basilica to see holy right hand yesterday did not have time. the mummy of this sacred right hand is in the shape of a right hand that holds a gem, stored in a transparent glass box decorated with gold-colored detail. Mummies are stored on the left side of the church building and we can see them by simply donating the money. no longer curious about my right hand, I decided to use the hop on hop off bus instead of using public transportation, in the absence of public transport reaching to gellért hill contained liberty statue, a 14-meter-high statue made of bronze standing on a 26-meter pedestal and holding this palm leaf was established in 1947 to commemorate the liberation of the hungarian soviets of the Nazi forces during World War II. its high location becomes a prominent feature of Cityscape Budapest.

From the Gellért Hill, I returned to the city park to the square of heroes' square which is located at the end of Andrassy avenue. In the center there is a millennium monument established to commemorate the 1000-year history of the arrival of Hongarians in the Carpathian basin. the angel Jibril stands on the central pillar, holding the sacred crown and the double cross of the Christian religion. Seven heads of tribes who lead the tribe of Magyar to Hungarians can be seen on the lower seat. Statues of kings and other important historical figures stand on pillars on both sides of the central pillar.

On both sides of the square are two buildings: the museum of fine arts and the art gallery which often hold temporary exhibitions from world artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and a collection of Spanish and French paintings. just 5 minutes walk, behind the square there is a palace complex, Vajdahunyad Castle. The palace, built in 1896, aims to showcase the history of Magyar through architecture, featuring architectural evolution over centuries of Hungarian style and has been the home of several festivals, concerts and exhibitions from the Hungarian agriculture museum since 1897.

Not far from here, there is the second oldest metro station on the continent of Europe after london, built in 1896. the millennium underground station. The metro line passing through this station is the oldest metro line in budapest which is also on the UNESCO list.

The station is not too big, but the design is quite unique and looks historic from the details of its construction. Using the metro line 1, I headed to the city center to a cafe located in one of five-star hotels in Budapest, the Boscolo New York Café is considered to be "the best café in the world". Upon entering the cafe, I was astonished at the luxury of its interior design. classic style with ceilings adorned with magnificent frescoes by gusztáv mannheimer and ferenc eisenhut, dating from the mid-XIX century. Luxurious venetian chandeliers produce dramatic light, and the profile of gold profiles surrounding the columns gives a dazzling effect.

Today is my last day in Budapest before tomorrow morning to travel to another city, so it's incomplete if you do not enjoy Budapest scenery at night by using cruise across Danube. Waiting for the cruising time to arrive, and the air outside is very cold because of the rain, so I took a stop to a simple cafe, Molnár's kürtőskalács which presents kürtőskalács. It's located not far from the dock ship that I will ride. This time, the pastry I ordered was much bigger than the one I bought earlier in the trinity square and was quite filling. Fifteen minutes before the cruise journey begins, I rush to the dock and board the boat looking for a good position to be photographed on board. The journey takes about an hour to get back to the place of origin, and passengers will be taken to enjoy the view of Budapest by seeing the historic buildings along the danube decorated with lamp lighting so it looks more dramatic.

After enjoying the cruise, it's time I returned to the hotel to rest so the next day I was not late to catch the schedule of the train that is quite early morning to Bratislava. two days in the city of Budapest has given me a different view of the beauty of the eastern European city that is not less beautiful with the western European city. Wish I could come back here another time visiting other tourist places in different times.

How to Get There :
Emirates airlines, KLM and Lufthansa serve flights to the Hungarian capital. Another alternative is to use a train or bus from neighboring countries.

Facts About This Country::
  • Merupakan anggota Uni eropa tetapi masih menggunakan mata uang Hungarian forint(HuF)..
  • Try the typical country food like goulash and kürtöskalács. Goulash in Hungary is different from the goulash in Prague. in contrast to kürtöskalács, if in Prague the name is Tredlnik but the taste and the same shape.
  • High end shopping center brand is in Andrássy Way.

Do’s and Don't :
  • Always be careful of luggage, especially in areas of many tourists.
  • Avoid taking a taxi, because the taxi argo cheats, you should walk or use the metro, tram or public bus whose ticket prices are clear. If you want to buy metro tickets in ticket machine, you should prepare a dime for not receiving bank notes.
  • Be careful if you want to exchange money in money changer in this city, because most of the money changers will be charged a very large commission.

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