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NEWCASTLE, otherwise known as Newcastle Upon Tyne, begins as a city that was established during the occupation of the Romans. At that time, Newcastle is a fortress guarding the bridge Pons Aelius crossing the River Tyne. Pons in Latin means "bridge", while Aelius is taken from Aeling, the family name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Aelius Pons changed its name to Monkchester after the abandonment of the Romans, during the period of the Anglo Saxon occupation.

The name of Newcastle emerged during the occupation of the Norman Nation. The eldest son of William of the Conqueror, Robert Curthose, who returned from a war in Scotland built a castle to fortify the Norman Nations from Scotland. The fort was named Novum Castellum or New Castle.

when I arrived at Newcastle Airport, it was like coming home. I've lived for 1.5 years in this city. After traveling for about 18 hours from Jakarta, I headed straight for the hotel. Shortly after cleaning up, forgetting with fatigue, it was anxious to get around Newcastle city center - the famous city was always blustery.

Walking less than 10 minutes, I've been in the city center, precisely on Northumberland Street where you can find many high street shops. This city is not too big, so you can need to walk to enjoy the beauty. I decided to continue the journey to Quayside, the historic area for along the Tyne River. Quayside was once an industrial park and a very busy dock. Now has developed into a tourist area, a place where old meets new. Many hotels, museums, venues, restaurants and bars are also in this area. There are several stretches of bridges that connect Newcastle with Gateshead aroung here. One of the three bridges that is quite iconic for this city is Tyne Bridge. This bridge has been the hallmark of Newcastle since it was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1849.

It is late April, it means spring has arrived, but the weather here is quite windy. So typically Newcastle weather, I mumbled to myself. Enjoy the scenic beauty along Tyne River to St. Nicholas Street, I saw another bridge that caught my eye, the Swing Bridge.

I continued walking towards Newcastle's Castle Keep and Glack Gate, which is the starting point of naming the City of Newcastle and is located not far from the Swing Bridge, but the road is quite uphill. On the exterior of the building, there is a board that tells the history of this fort - which once served as a fortress as well as the abode of the war commander. Inside, there is a Norman Chapel and a well with a depth of 100 feet where water flows for life inside the castle.

After enjoying breakfast, today I chose to enjoy Newcastle further by going to Alnwick Castle, still in Northumberland Province. Have you ever seen Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone movies? Remember the scene when Harry Potter learned broomstick? The castle is where the filming location is. Not only that, the drama series of Downtown Abbey also makes this fort as a shooting location.

Since I went on a public bus, I paid only £ 18.8 admission, from the supposed £ 25.10 to enjoy the beauty of the palace as well as the park complex, Alnwick Garden. Fascinated by the vast courtyard leading to the palace gate, filled with blooming flowers, has kept me for not stop taking photos

The palace is still inhabited by The Percy Family, or known by the Duke of Northumberland. this palace is only opened during the spring until summer. During the winter, the palace is usually as a holiday home of the royal family. Some activities are seen in the palace courtyard, including medieval costumes for children, film locations guided tour, playing characters with Harry Potter costumes, and what appeals to me is broomstick training.

I headed to Alnwick Garden which is located on the other side of the palace complex. The palace complex is indeed very large, so it took approximately almost a day to enjoy the whole. Alnwick Garden is worth a visit in the spring and summer because it is filled with various colors of rose, treehouse, poison garden, and woodland walk. After passing through the main gate of the park, it is impossible to miss the Grand Cascade - a large, multilevel fountain in the middle of the garden - which became a centrepiece.

Today's weather is still as bright as the previous day. Although the sun is shining bright, it does not mean the air is not cold. The air temperature is still between 0-3 Celsius. I tried to go to the beach in the Tynemouth area, but before that, I will see the public artwork that is an icon for Tyne and Wear Province, Angel of the North.

Not spending too much time there, I went back to Newcastle City, headed for the metro train station to get to Tynemouth - a historic town part of Tyne and Wear Province. Only about 30 minutes from the city center and a 10-minute walk from Tynemouth Metro Station to the south or Cullercoats Metro Station to the north, we can see the golden sandy beaches with a rocky cliffs that attracts everyone in spring and summer. Restaurants and cafes are lining the center of the city which is the attraction of this region.

Not just looking at the beach here, Being on top of the Tynemouth hill, we can see the ruins of the historic sites of the legacy of the Anglo Saxon, Tynemouth Castle and Priory built in the 7th century. In the complex that was once used as a fortress there are also churches and palaces. From up here, a 360 degree view of the English north sea, city of Tynemouth, and the lighthouse of St.Mary looks so beautiful.

Today is my last day in Newcastle City, before continuing my trip to another city. There is still one place I will go, Beamish Museum. The Beamish Museum stores the life stories of northeastern British society between the 1820s and 1940s. The ticket price is £ 25, but again because I went by bus to get there, I get a 25% discount.

I was so excited to see a museum divided into several areas. To be able to go to all these areas, we have to ride a tram or bus that passes every 10 minutes at the existing station. All vehicles are still old-fashioned shape. Just entering the museum area, feels the atmosphere of the time machine that brought us into the British hundreds of years ago. I want to capture all the objects around with photos. All look like real. Visitors really served the original atmosphere of the past. The museum staffs acts as a resident, they feed the horses or going on a mine. In fact, visitors can taste their homemade cookies.

It did not feel that it was afternoon and I was satisfied with all the areas I had seen throughout this museum. Time to get to the bus stop at the museum door to catch the last bus that takes me back to Newcastle.

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